What a Pigeon Sounds Like?

Are you curious as to what a pigeon sounds like? Come us on this lighthearted adventure as we learn about the various and often hilarious sounds that pigeons may produce. This post is excellent for people who are interested in birds or just like learning exciting facts.


Pigeons, the feathered city inhabitants that add character to city streets. Some individuals adore them, while others are not so enthusiastic. But in your hectic schedule, have you ever paused to take note of the sounds they make? You’re in for a real treat if you’ve ever wondered, what a pigeon sounds like?

Pigeons’ Extensive Vocal Catalog

What does a pigeon sounds like?

There’s more to pigeons than just their signature coo. What you just heard is true. Different species of this bird utilize other calls to communicate with one another. Let’s dive in and listen to the symphony of pigeon sounds.

The Traditional Cluck

When asked, what a pigeon sounds like, the stereotypical coo is typically the first thing that springs to mind. This low, gurgling sound is commonly linked with calm and serenity. The primary functions of this call in male pigeons are courtship and happiness. When you hear a pigeon cooing, keep in mind that it may be trying to attract a mate.

Grunting and other Guttural Noises 

Pigeons may make a wide range of grunts and guttural noises. Short, jarring noises, like someone clearing their throat, are typical. Most commonly, a pigeon will make these noises in response to being startled or feeling threatened. Their body language conveys the message, “Back off, buddy!”

The Third Warning

Pigeons have a distinct warning sound they use to notify their flock when danger is nearby. This is a far more urgent, piercing sound than their typical cooing, like yelling “Danger, Will Robinson!” with pigeons.

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How does a pigeon sound in various contexts?

Like humans, pigeons have a wide range of vocalizations at their disposal. Let’s investigate a few of these potential outcomes.

The Coo That Lays Eggs

Pigeons’ cooing has a softer, more rhythmic quality when they are nesting. They’re practically crooning to their eggs, assuring that the next generation of pigeons will share their laid-back attitude.

A Hungry Squawk

A pigeon’s squawk is a valid sound. Their cooing gets more urgent and demanding when they are hungry or trying to find food. The animal is essentially shouting, “Feed me, Seymour!”

Pigeon Content

Pigeons’ cooing takes on a more beautiful melody and harmony when they are content and joyful. They seem to be singing their happiness to the city.

Pigeons’ Dependence on Noise for Verbal Interaction

What does a pigeon sounds like?

The question what does a pigeon sounds like? necessitates an investigation into the motivations behind the birds’ vocalizations. Pigeons, like all animals, rely heavily on communication.

Marking the Boundaries

Cooing is a territorial display used by male pigeons. The other pigeons get the message loud and clear: “This is my spot; find your own!” A “No Trespassing” sign for pigeons, if you will.

Dating and Falling in Love

Pigeons have a penchant for the mushy stuff. When courting, a male pigeon will make a lot of noise, show off his dancing skills, and fluff up his feathers. If he’s lucky, she’ll respond to his cooing, and soon enough, they’ll be coming together.

Maintaining Unity in the Herd

Pigeons are highly social birds that rely on their calls to maintain unity within the flock. Communication among them is facilitated by cooing and grunting, especially while they are on the go.

How to Read a Pigeon’s Coo

Now that we know what a pigeon sounds like let’s move on to the next question. Is it possible to understand pigeons? Although we may not fully grasp pigeon language, some aficionados maintain that by carefully analyzing the tone, cadence, and volume of pigeon coos, we learn something about the bird’s emotional state and what they’re up to.

A Quick, High-Pitch Cooing

High-pitched and rapid cooing from a pigeon could indicate that the bird is nervous or enthusiastic. Maybe it’s found a partner or is fighting over territory.

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A Low, Droning Whine

However, soft, leisurely cooing is frequently associated with feelings of contentment and tranquility. This pigeon is chilling out and having a good time.

Sound is Rich in Variety

What makes observing pigeons so interesting is hearing their various calls. You can learn the pigeon’s story by carefully listening to its coos, grunts, and squawks; with time and practice, you can decipher them.

Pigeon Calls and Other Interesting Facts

What does a pigeon sounds like?

Let’s take a look at some interesting tidbits about pigeons to end our sonic investigation.

Pigeons Have Good Hearing 

Pigeons’ hearing is among the best of any animal. They are able to explore and communicate in their chaotic urban environs thanks to their sensitivity to sounds at far lower frequencies than humans.

Pigeons Don’t Always Sing

There are non-vocal sounds that pigeons use to communicate as well. When in flight, especially during courtship flights, they can make a whistling sound with their feathers.

Pigeons Use Echolocation as a Navigational Aid

Pigeons, according to some studies, use extremely low-frequency noises to guide them over great distances. Feathered versions of the first GPS receivers, if you will.


Can Pigeons Imit Human Speech?

Pigeons are not as famous as parrots for their ability to imitate human speech. They make extraordinary noises.

Do Sexes Sound Different in Pigeons?

Yes, the coo of a male pigeon is typically more profound and more resonant than that of a female pigeon.

Do Nighttime Pigeons Make Noise?

Since pigeons are primarily nocturnal, you will only sometimes hear them making noises after dark.


Hence, what a pigeon sounds like? There is a wide variety of noises pigeons use to communicate, from the familiar coo to the alarming squawks. Take some time to listen to the sounds of these feathered city dwellers the next time you find yourself in their company. Their cooing can be melodic, and their squawking can be hilarious. Enjoy your pigeons as listeners!

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