How To Take Care of An Injured Pigeon?

Discover how to take care of an injured pigeon in detail. We’ve covered you, from recognizing injuries to treating and getting them well again.

You’ve discovered a pigeon that isn’t in the best of health, huh? Well, congratulations for wanting to offer a helpful hand! Understanding how to treat an injured pigeon is more than simply a talent; it’s a modest act of kindness that means the world to the tiny bird. Let’s get to what you can do right away.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Injury

how to take care of an injured pigeon

To begin with, you must confirm that the pigeon is indeed injured. Birds are tricky animals; occasionally, they are either sleeping or frightened.

Affective Marks

Examine the animal for apparent wounds, such as blood, broken wings or legs, or ruffled feathers.

Unusual Action

Is the pigeon limping, unable to fly, or remaining motionless for a disproportionately lengthy period? These might indicate a wound.

What to Do Right Away If You Find a Hurt Pigeon

Here’s how to take care of an injured pigeon right away after you’ve determined the bird is hurt.

Use a towel or cloth.

Wrap the pigeon with a towel or cloth gently. It will get calmer as a result, making it more straightforward to analyze.

Place in a cage or box

A shoebox with a few holes drilled into the top can be a makeshift residence. While you decide on the next course of action, it will help keep the pigeon secure.

Simple First Aid Advice

Okay, let’s play vet. Here are some simple first-aid instructions on “how to treat an injured pigeon.”

Reduce the Blood Loss

Use a fresh piece of cloth or gauze to apply pressure and halt any bleeding. If the damage is severe, you should take the pigeon to the cover.


To give the bird water, use a dropper. But remember, never push water into its beak; doing so risked making matters worse.

Long-Term Support

Has the pigeon become stable? Great! Let’s now discuss how to care for a wounded pigeon over the long term.

Giving the pigeon food

Pigeon seeds or grains can be consumed in place of food. You can occasionally add fruits and veggies.

Pristine Surroundings

Ensure that your pet bird is kept in a hygienic, warm, and dry environment. Keep the container or cage it is housed in clean.

How and When to See a Vet

Despite your best attempts, you could occasionally find it difficult to understand “how to take care of an injured pigeon” effectively.

  • Chronic Injuries
  • Consult a veterinarian if the pigeon’s wound isn’t healing.
  • Not being able to eat or drink

The bird might require more specialized care if it goes for an extended period without eating or drinking.

Publish or Hold?

When the pigeon is standing again, you have a decision to make. Should you keep it as a pet or release it into the wild?

Identify the Situation

Some pigeons are too hurt to survive on their own. It could be wise to keep them in this situation.

Get Ready to Release

If you let it go, ensure it’s in good enough shape to survive. Before deciding, consider the animal’s behavior and physical state.

Additional Advice for Treating an Injury in a Pigeon

how to take care of an injured pigeon

You now understand the fundamentals of how to treat an injured pigeon, but there’s always more to learn! Here are some additional suggestions to assist you in providing the best possible pigeon care.

Wear gloves

When handling the pigeon, it’s a good idea to use gloves for your protection and the pigeon’s. This will shield you from potentially contagious diseases and sharp claws or beaks.

Antibiotics might be necessary.

Infection from injuries can occasionally result, which is terrible news for our feathered friend. A veterinarian can recommend the proper antibiotics to aid in your pigeon’s recovery from the infection.

Pay Attention to Parasites

The issue parasites include lice and mites for pigeons. You can purchase sprays suitable for birds to help ward off these bothersome intruders.

Social and Emotional Aspects

Pigeons do indeed have emotions! Let’s explore how to care for an injured pigeon from an emotional standpoint.

Stress management

Stress is likely to be present in a hurt pigeon. Playing relaxing music or placing the bird in a calm setting can both help to lower stress levels.

Community Isolation

Be cautious if you have multiple pigeons. The injured bird may need to be kept apart to stop further harm or the disease from spreading.

The significance of expert advice

Let’s be sincere. We’re not veterans, even with the greatest of intentions. Here’s why getting expert advice is essential when treating an injured pigeon.

Correct Diagnosis

An accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment choices can only be provided by a veterinarian, which you cannot achieve with just a first aid kit and the internet.

Legitimate Matters

Laws regarding the care of wild animals exist in several places. By seeking legal advice from a veterinarian, you can assist your avian friend while being morally upright.

Joining Bird Rescue Organizations

Indeed, the more, the merrier. Join online discussion boards or neighborhood pigeon rescue organizations. These groups can help you while you figure out “how to take care of an injured pigeon” by providing helpful guidance and emotional support.

Expert Opinion

how to take care of an injured pigeon

These organizations frequently have knowledgeable pigeon rescuers who can offer specific guidance you won’t get from any other source.

Resource Exchange

Do you require a certain kind of medicine or feed? One of your fellow rescuers has it and can give it to you.

Lessons Discovered

It can be satisfying to take care of a hurt pigeon. It teaches compassion, endurance, and the importance of every life, no matter how brief.

Compassion and Empathy

Helping a needy animal can boost your empathy and compassion levels, two qualities that improve all of us as people.

The Pleasure of Aiding

There is an evident sense of happiness and pleasure in knowing that you contributed to an injured bird flying away healthy and happy.

Diet’s Function in Recuperation

Everyone, even pigeons, needs a healthy diet to recover from an injury. How food fits into how to care for an injured pigeon may be discussed. Let’s get started!

Unique nutritional requirements

A damaged pigeon might require particular feeding. Consider including beans or cooked eggs in their diet, which can hasten recovery.

Drink Plenty of Water

You can also supply hydration solutions, which include vital electrolytes, in addition to water. These treatments can be obtained from pet supply stores or at home with a veterinarian’s instruction.

Mobility and Exercise

A pigeon in a cage may become restless. Your how to take care of an injured pigeon strategy should include mobility and exercise.

Limited Airspace

Allow the pigeon to fly briefly inside a small space if its wings are healthy. This promotes muscle healing.

Leg Workouts

Light walking can also be helpful if the legs are not really hurt. Ensure that nothing can cause the pigeon any extra harm by bumping against it in the vicinity.

The Moral Dimension of Pigeon Care

Any animal care must take ethical factors into account. These are moral considerations when studying how to care for an injured pigeon.

The freedom to choose

The pigeon can return to its original habitat once it fully recovers. If disclosing it will result in more significant harm, only keep it.

Extreme Cases of Euthanasia

The pigeon’s quality of life won’t constantly improve despite your best efforts. Consult a veterinarian to determine the most compassionate course of action.

Maintaining Records for Pigeon Care

You did hear correctly! Keeping notes can be pretty beneficial, mainly if you are unfamiliar with “how to care for an injured pigeon.”

Daily Diary

Observe the pigeon’s behavior, the food you give it, and any medications you give it. This will make the recuperation procedure for the bird clearer to you or a veterinarian.

Photos of the before and after

I am using photos as a record of your trip and a valuable tool for keeping tabs on the pigeon’s physical development.

Kids Helping with Pigeon Care

Unbelievably, a family may get involved in this. Teaching children how to take care of an injured pigeon can be a rewarding experience for them as well as an instructive one.

Encourage Compassion

Children get essential life skills like empathy and kindness when they witness you caring for a defenseless animal.

A Responsibility Lesson

Kids learn about responsibility by caring for a living thing; this lesson can be applied to various facets of their lives.

Challenges and Happiness

Even though it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, it’s worthwhile. The satisfaction of witnessing a pigeon heal while in your care is unmatched.

There Will Always Be Obstacles

You’ll have to overcome obstacles like choosing the optimal diet and dealing with your emotions if the pigeon doesn’t survive.

The Joy of Achievement

However, the thrill you feel when you succeed is indescribable. It’s a positive experience that will benefit you in unanticipated ways.


You are now aware of how to treat an injured pigeon. It takes dedication from the initial first aid to long-term care, but the payoff is a life spared. You’ll be prepared to help a pigeon in need the next time you see one. Congratulations on being a pigeon hero!


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